Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Things that made me smile today

On my walks I always see little things that make me smile and somewhat stick out. Not the obvious flashy kind of stuff but things many people just pass without noticing.
The weather here was gorgeous again which actually felt quite strange considering the situation in the US. Seeing the news this morning, I was really shocked how Sandy was able to paralyse even a city like New York.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Ghost City

Hamburg in the morning

Hardly anything going on in the streets


Mmm...sushi! ;-)

Hamburg on a monday morning is like a ghost town. One has the streets to oneself, doesn't have to wait in line and and can see the city waking up gradually. I like getting my excercise in the morning, so I can concentrate on other things the rest of the day. I also find, that movement loosens up my stiff muscles after having slept and gives me a good start.


Good morning to all of you! How was your night?
I've been having serious sleeping problems for a couple of weeks, due to restless legs syndome. I used to have it on an off but now it's there every evening as soon as I lie down. I even wake up because of it. Does anyone of you know this? My doc said it's something you can do nothing about...nothing worth worrying about, just very bothering. I really do hope this stops soon, as I'm not looking forward to bed at all these days.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Sunshine again!! Was outside and walked our beautiful city for ages. Today it's cleaning time again. And after that I'm going to relax, have coffee and chocolate and watch Bride Wars. I adore Kate Hudson's wedding dress in the movie!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The simple pleasures

I woke up to a splendid sunny day and had Breakfast at Joe and the Juice's. It's so cool they've come to Germany now! I always used to pop in when I was in Copenhagen and got my beloved "Power Shake". I'm not quite that into juices, as I prefer a thicker consistency. The new Instyle was out too - so what more can a girl wish for?! ;-)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Red always brightens up one's day

I treated myself to some Dior nail varnish today :)

Enjoying the sunshine!

Sun again at last! This called for a walk in the park, so we got up early and wrapped ourselves in our winter jackets. It's become so cold! A week ago you could still go out in a light jumper and now even a thicker jacket feels like too little.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Muffins and Mamma Mia!

Today was a wonderfully lazy day! I decided to bake again and - after going through heaps of recipes - decided on the white cocolate muffin. Only to realize that I had far to little white chocolate. So I mixed white and milk chocolate and cut them into sizely chunks. The recipe also includes vanilla pudding powder. I thought that sounded funny at first, but it tasted heavenly. I curled up on the couch with tea and my muffin and watched "Mamma Mia" with gorgeous Meryl Streep and had a jolly cosy afternoon :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Breakfast and a walk

Today my boyfriend and I went to a nice organic café nearby for breakfast. I had Granola, yogurt and applesauce topped with whipped cream. I would never have thought of combining whipped cream with yogurt, but it tasted really really good!
After that we went for a walk despite the rather rainy weather - at least that ensures there's hardly anything going on and one can actually breathe and feel free in the city. I loved the Simpsons-Art on the way! :-D

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Afternoon in the city

The weather here turned out quite ok after all! I went to the city and met a friend. We stopped by a superb chocolaterie in a small side street and sat down with some coffee to chat and watch the passers-by. I love Danish "Summerbird" - particularly those delicious chocolate marshmallows! Handmade is just so much better than prepackaged ;-)


Here in Northern Germany we are really lacking decent bakeries. We have french inspired elegant little cakes and "factory-made" general pasties but they just don't satisfy me. After having spent most of my life in Southern Germany and part of it in Sweden, I rather prefer simple things like cinnamon rolls, kladdkaka (a very moist and sweet chocolate cake), strawberry cake (made the Swabian way, with a layer of vanilla pudding) and so on... I also like adding things to recipes. Extra chocolate drops, a blob of marzipan or just spices and whipped cream. The list is endless and I really enjoy thinking of new ways to make something simple more interesting. The wonderful thing about baking youself is, that you can make everything just the way you would like it to be!

A new start

Good morning to all of you!

After a nice and cosy autumn breakfast I am now going to tidy up our flat and then go out and enjoy the smell of wet leaves and fresh air (Yes! In our city the air is really quite fresh due to all the water and parks). I must confess, I definitely miss having sunshine most of the days and I miss sitting by the water in a T-shirt without having to fear a sudden downpour. But considering we'll have to live without that for quite some time, I have chosen to see the good sides!
And isn't it just wonderful to sit on the couch with a warm cup of tea and a nice piece of cake, listening to the rain falling onto your windowsill?